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As the worlds natural resources continue to dwindle, substantial investments are being made in wind, solar, tidal, wave energy and nuclear....what will be this future?? Its electric!

Welcome to Elsco Heating

Elsco Heating have   been supplying  powerful. cost effective heating systems throughout Scotland and the Islands for three years  from bases in  Elgin, and  more recently, Glasgow.

The  ONLY  specialist Scottish based  supplier of German Refractory Clay heaters ,we have now expanded our range  by  offering Far Infrared heaters, giving an even wider choice of energy saving solutions to our customers

This web site explains all about our German heaters,  but we also have links to our  sister site covering our Far Infrared heating systems

Most heating systems rely on rising hot air (convection) as the main method of heating, our systems rely more on radiant heat, which  gives a better heat at less cost . Our websites explain why.

These radiators although new to Scotland have been hand crafted in Germany for many years.

This site will give you an insight into this remarkable product and how you can benefit from using it. We explain the basic principles and why  we believe this is one of the  the best heating system you can currently buy.

These electric radiators LOOK like normal radiators, but they are far from normal!


Incorporating a  series of refractory clay blocks and utilising a unique fluted design surface,  tests have shown  these radiators handle the heat much more efficiently than conventional radiators

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This Winter could be cold ..prepare now!

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Although our main market is currently Scotland, we do have a lot of interest from  England for our products. We are currently looking for someone  suitable to front our expansion into England (see vacancies)

Meanwhile we can supply to  customers in England but  regret we are unable to provide our free no obligation site visits.  On receipt of  room sizes, an indication of insulation levels and location by phone or e mail, we are happy to quote for your requirements.

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