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Elsco Heating

Heating Scotland from Elgin & Glasgow  Tel:-  01343 819676    E Mail:- info@elsco.co.uk

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Looking for New Energy Efficient Electric heaters? Check out our cost effective alternative.

There is a  big  National Fisch, based in England, selling good quality, German electric  heaters, but mass marketing including television advertising, may be reflected in prices. They have however, done a great job of raising awareness of this superb form of energy efficient electric radiators.

So why consider us if you are a fisching for electric heaters? We are a Scottish family company seven years old. Our low overheads enable us to give great prices. We have a base in Elgin to cover Grampian, Highlands and Islands and also in Glasgow for the Central belt and Lowlands. Also due to demand, now supplying into England.  


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Some facts:-

These heaters are not storage heaters in the traditional sense, though they do store heat. They require a constant supply of electricity, not timed to just come on over night, like old storage heaters.

It is easy to change over from old storage heaters to this type with minimal disruption to your house.

More info on storage and changing here:- www.alternativetostorageheaters.co.uk

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