Quality German Electric Heating

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Elsco Heating

Heating Scotland from Elgin & Glasgow  Tel:-  01343 819676    E Mail:- info@elsco.co.uk

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Fisching for New  Electric Heaters in England?

There is a  big  National Fisch, selling good quality,  German heaters, but  mass marketing including television advertising, may be reflected in their prices! They have however, done a great job of raising awareness of this superb form of energy efficient electric heating. Were not supposed to mention their name,(We had a call from their legal department!) but if you have come to this page you will know who we mean!

So why consider us? Well, quite a few reasons, we are a Scottish Company in our seventh year, now, due to demand operating in England.  Our low overheads enable us to give great prices. Apart from operating from Glasgow and Elgin in Scotland we now have a presence in Louth, Lincolnshire and looking to future development and growth in England to enable more people to enjoy and benefit from our heating systems.

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