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Elsco Heating

Heating Scotland from Elgin & Glasgow  Tel:-  01343 819676    E Mail:- info@elsco.co.uk

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Western Isles

We have been supplying our energy efficient electric heating to the Western Isles since we started trading over seven years ago. Our base in Elgin is well placed for transporting our heaters to Inverness for on delivery  using your  Island based specialist hauliers.

 Our electric heating is much more cost effective and controllable than storage heaters which  often run on the very expensive Total Heating Total Control (THTC) tariff. More info here  and here

Many  people on the Western Isles are using oil or LPG, again our heaters are a viable economic alternative to this type of heating  More info here  

This website is very comprehensive and will give you an in depth understanding of our heating should you so wish. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch

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Elsco Heating

01343 819676


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