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German Heater thermostat replacement and repair service

If you have bought a German Chamotte heater over the last few years, apart from the low running costs and quality of heat, you can be assured that, as with many German products it should operate quite  happily for many many years.

Occasionally though, things do go wrong. Its usually  the thermostat and  sometimes the radiator itself. You may be covered under your suppliers guarantee. Its also possible that you have had many years of excellent service from your heater, you cant remember who you got it from, or the supplier disappeared many years ago.

So what do you do, give up and throw it out?  Or try and get it fixed so you can get many more additional years out of it.

We have had quite a few people tracked us down from across the UK, usually looking for replacement thermostats, sometimes looking for the more involved repair of the heater itself.

So we have decided to initially offer a thermostat supply service, supplying a limited range of thermostats which are the same as the ones we use ourselves,  They are generally  quite easy to replace and we will supply instructions

If you have a problem with your actual heater, again initially if the same as ours, we might be able to offer a repair service. But this is more complex and would require us to attend and take your heater apart to fix it. If you have this type of problem let us know and we will see what we can do.

Our heaters have been supplied under various names by different people.   Names include Elti and Elka. Possibly others. Also all heaters originally supplied by Sunflow heating, until they started to make their own will also probably have used the same thermostat.Check out the pictures and downloads and let us know if we can assist.


If this looks like your thermostat click here for a download of replacement instructions Cost:- thermostat only £130 including p&p Cost of complete end unit only £180 including p&p